Healing Horses Therapeutic Riding Center


81-800 Avenue 51
Indio, CA 92201

(760) 449-4883


Description of Opportunities:

We will be utilizing a multi-prong therapeutic approach that will produce positive changes in critical areas of development including but not limited to core muscle strength, improved balance, speech and vocalizations, positive behavior, self esteem, visual motor and spatial skills. The goal is to maximize the child's functioning in their homes, schools and communities by increasing their language, reducing negative behaviors, increasing core muscle strength, improving relationships with peers, parents, teachers and caregivers, peer play, joint attention, self care and overall self esteem and independence. We are committed to being an inspiration and educational resource of the Therapeutic Riding profession. Our vision is a community where people, regardless of ability, can achieve their fullest potential.

We need walk along volunteers assigned to 1 special child along with a horse leader to keep the child safe and to engage, interact, and assist the horse leader and executive director during the therapeutic horseback riding 1 hour lesson. These children are typically challenged with Autism, Down's syndrome and CP.

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